Living Hope
Educational Enterprises

Currently serving children in Pakistan

Our mission is to educate impoverished children who would not currently be receiving an education.
We support new schools and provide supplies to new students. 
Currently, our lease is running out, and we need land for our own building.

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In mid 2018 a humanitarian oriented mom met up with a good-hearted minister on the other side of the world, and they decided to collaborate to help a group of impoverished children in need of education.

They found a location for a new school in the area, made a list of supplies that would be needed, and raised money to start it. 

The result was a new school in Pakistan, with over 100 children in attendance. Almost all these children come from illiterate families and are now much more protected from starting to smoke, and being exploited in hard labor & early marriages.

About our school

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was instrumental in helping us start the school. They matched our donation funds for supplies such as uniforms, books, and desks. We wouldn't have had the confidence to start a new school without knowing that Healing Hands would back us up. 

—Jenni & Mike W.

The Rotary Club in Cedar City, Utah helped our school receive 60 more students in addition to the 40 we started with in the fall of 2018.

This club continues to support our school.  

We enjoy ongoing support of our school from Truman Global LLC. We are so grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement of Boyd & Sandy Truman at TruWellness.

Monthly Cost Breakdown

Our monthly costs total only $2,480 per month, which includes rent for the building, teacher, security guard and principal salaries, cleaning and electricity.

Our monthly costs will increase as we add more children to our school, depending on how many we can get to attend. 

Your donations are tax deductible through Living Hope Educational Enterprises, 501(c)3 #83-2239390.

Where the money goes

Get your copy of a classic work by S.D. Gordon, entitled, "Quiet Talks on Service" with a donation of any amount. Please consider a monthly donation in the support of our education and school in SW Asia.

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