Learn How our non-profit started

Learn how a humanitarian-minded mom and a minister on the other side of the world collaborated to create new educational opportunities for impoverished children with no school.

It all started with a simple message on social media to a woman named Jenni W. about the service she had done with Days For Girls in South America with her husband.

The minister wanted to know if she would be interested in doing service in his local area.

She explained to him about DFG, but learned that the children did not attend school. They were treated hatefully by teachers and other students because they were different religion.

She realized that the minister wanted to help all the families struggling with illiteracy.

So she asked...how much would it cost to rent a place and educate those 40 children?

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Together the mom and the minister made a list of all the items that would be needed to start a new school. Then the minister priced all the items and projected costs to see if it would be possible. 

When the total was only $7K, the mom knew that she could raise some money and enlist doTERRA Healing Hands to match funds.  

She raised the funds and gave the minister the green light to gather the materials and start the school. Then she created a new non-profit called Living Hope Educational Enterprises. Within 4 months, there were over 100 children  attending the new school.

Finding a Way

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Luckily, the mom's local Rotary club and some generous relatives were willing to donate to cover the cost of the 60 new students!

But now we need monthly contributors. YOU can help these children in SW Asia, who are out of options to get education, and improve their lives.

They need our help now.

Please contribute what you can today. Thank you for being an angel on Earth!!

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Monthly Cost Breakdown

Our monthly costs total only $2,884 per month, which includes rent for the building, books, assemblies, desks, teachers, security guard and principal salaries, cleaning and electricity.

Our monthly costs will increase as we add more children to our school, depending on how many we can get to attend. 

Your donations are tax deductible through Living Hope Educational Enterprises, 501(c)3 #83-2239390.

Where the money goes

Get your copy of a classic work by S.D. Gordon, entitled, "Quiet Talks on Service" with a donation of any amount. Please consider a monthly donation in the support of our education and school in SW Asia.

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