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The Living Hope Children Safeguarding Policy sets out our organization’s approach to preventing and reducing harm to children when they are in contact with school staff, workers, volunteers or other students.

The policy aims to:
Promote and prioritize the safety and wellbeing of children;
 Provide assurance to parents, guardians and other parties that our organization takes reasonable steps to manage risks and keep children safe;

 Ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and is provided with the necessary information, training and support on safeguarding matters;
Prevent the employment of individuals in work with children where they pose an unacceptable risk to children;
Ensure that appropriate action is taken in the event of any allegations or suspicions regarding harm to children arising from contact with school staff, students or volunteers, whether the harm has taken place on school premises.

The Living Hope Children Safeguarding Policy also seeks to manage effectively the risks associated with activities and events involving children through departments/institutions:
Completing a risk assessment process which involves identifying risks and means of reducing or eliminating these;
Implementing the required actions identified by the risk assessment process and reviewing the effectiveness of these on a regular basis;

Ensuring that the appropriate background checks are conducted, depending on eligibility, for any individuals starting or moving into work which involves working with children;
Requiring new employees and individuals involved in working with children to familiarize themselves with the content of this policy and the associated Code of Practice.

This policy requires that any suspicions and allegations involving harm to children are referred to our executive directors to determine what action, if any, must be taken. This will enable each situation to be investigated thoroughly, whilst treating the parties involved fairly and with sensitivity. It will also ensure that suitable steps are taken as a result of any investigations, which may include contacting the police and/or fulfilling the legal duty to refer information as required.

The procedure for managing suspicions and allegations aims to strike a balance between the need to protect children from abuse and the need to protect staff, students and volunteers from false or unfounded accusations.
The Living Hope Children Safeguarding Policy should be used as the basis of each school’s approach to preventing and reducing harm to children. However, schools are encouraged to develop their own local policies and procedures to address any safeguarding matters of particular relevance to them.

Monthly Cost Breakdown

Our monthly costs total only $2,884 per month, which includes rent for the building, books, assemblies, desks, teachers, security guard and principal salaries, cleaning and electricity.

Our monthly costs will increase as we add more children to our school, depending on how many we can get to attend. 

Your donations are tax deductible through Living Hope Educational Enterprises, 501(c)3 #83-2239390.

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