Our Causes

You can help many children and families living in desperation and without education.

All donations go directly to our school to educate children. We really need our own land and building, so we don't get displaced.

Please consider a monthly donation towards the support of our school, its expansion and the precious children.

The cost for each child to attend
is only $16!

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This is so amazing!! What a blessing you are in their lives!!! 

—Kimberly A.

This school is such a wonderful thing! I'm so happy for you and inspired by you!

—Andrea G.

May God bless you, Jenni, and keep you fit and healthy as you carry on the beautiful work ahead. 

—Moyez K.

The exploitation of children is rampant in the world today. We can pour millions into rescuing these children, and we should. But we should also put some resources into prevention. And what's the best way...provide education to those who need it.

stop exploitation
Provide education

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Our school could be displaced at any time, so we really need our own land and building to provide reliable education to more children.

We just need the funding. We can start more schools, reach more children, provide computers for better education, and prevent more children from being exploited.

Let us know if you or your organization is interested in helping us reach more children. The situation is dire, but we can help. Please contribute!

expand education

Monthly Cost Breakdown

Our monthly costs total only $2,884 per month, which includes rent for the building, books, assemblies, desks, teachers, security guard and principal salaries, cleaning and electricity.

Our monthly costs will increase as we add more children to our school, depending on how many we can get to attend. 

Your donations are tax deductible through Living Hope Educational Enterprises, 501(c)3 #83-2239390.

Where the money goes

Get your copy of a classic work by S.D. Gordon, entitled, "Quiet Talks on Service" with a donation of any amount. Please consider a monthly donation in the support of our education and school in SW Asia.

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