Hi there! My name is Jenni Wilson, and I am the founder and president of Living Hope Educational Enterprises. I have been passionate about humanitarian service for many years. I started a chapter of Days for Girls in my local community, in my daughter’s honor, about 7 months after she passed away. She was only 16, and died of a brain tumor. I needed something in my life to pull me out of grief, and help me feel some passion again.

When I found Days for Girls in January of 2016, I knew I had a good fit. I loved their mission of empowering girls all around with the world, with reusable hygiene kits so they could stay in school and not be exploited. I went to work with many good women in my community to make these kits, and then distribute them in South America.

In March of 2018, I got a message over Facebook, from a Christian minister in Pakistan who saw photos of some of our trips distributing the Days For Girls kits. I started talking about how we go into the classrooms to teach the girls about hygiene. I came to learn that there were no classrooms or schools for the Christian children in the minister’s area in this predominantly Muslim country.

I always thought it would be awesome to start a school in a 3rd world country, but didn’t realize the opportunity would come so soon. With the help of a several donors, my local Rotary Club of Cedar City, and a generous matched funding grant from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, we started our Christian school for 100 children, who cannot attend the local Muslim schools. They range in ages 4-15, but are mostly elementary school age. 100% of funds raised will go to running this school.

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to help these impoverished children, who have no other educational options. I’ve realized that one person really can make a difference in the world. But I haven’t done this on my own. It’s happened because good people came together with willingness to help others.

YOU can help some children in Pakistan, who are out of options to get education, and improve their lives. They need our help now. Please help these children and contribute what you can today. Thank you!!

Donate today to educate impoverished children in Pakistan.